Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 2 of Our Green Year: Snow and the Green Party

Well, we are onto Day 2 of our Green Year and we begin it by waking up to more snow. Yes, that is right, it is snowing on April 23. In fact, our yard still has snow in it, making this the longest period of time we have ever had continuous snow in the yard; November to April (and at least May).

Obviously, this means that things are out of whack for the environment. Scientists predict that places that are traditionally wet (where we are in the Pacific Northwest) and places that are dry, will get wetter and drier.
Temperatures have been below normal for at least 2 months, and they don't appear to be going up anytime soon.
Spring Snow and No Flowers, not a nice combination.

Layla and I joined the Green Party today as part of our Green Year. We thought that a good start to this year would be joining the most environmentally friendly political party in Canada.

The Journey Continues.....