Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 91 of our Green Year: Clearing Up Some Light

Light pollution is a serious problem that most people do not take too seriously. Most people think of pollution only in terms of air, soil and water. However, light pollution is a serious problem and for our 91st day, Layla and I are turning out the lights.

As much as we can, we will be keeping the lights inside, and outside, off so that we are not wasting any power, or blurring up the sky with light. Look at any large city and you will see a lot of light pollution all over the place.
If everyone turned their lights off, like they did for Earth Hour, it would not only clear up the sky, but help our environment too.
So, we are turning off our lights whenever we can.

Here are just a few facts about light pollution:

  • Powering street lights in the United States alone puts two billion pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is equal to 500,000 car tailpipes.
  • In the last seven years, average night time brightness in Northeast England has gone up by 4000 percent.
  • It disrupts our sleep and leads to health problems. It can also cause problems with our vision, hypertension, headaches and more.
  • Many animals are confused by the stray light in their habitat at night and it can affect their breeding and feeding.
  • Most street lights and home outdoor lights are so poorly designed they waste large amounts of light into the air above them.
Can you turn your lights off? We will.