Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 160 of our Green Year: Joining AmIGreenOrNot?

We are always ready to join online communities that help spread green ideas because Layla and I are by no means experts in going green. We are learning as we go and we are always looking for help in how to go green from those who are going green as well.

This is what has led us to join the online community of, which was created in May to increase awareness, share ideas and collectively gain a richer understanding of what it really means to be green. The website lists their objectives as:

  1. To provide a place where people, groups, businesses and organizations from the around the world can share and promote green lifestyles and direct feedback from their peers.
  2. To harness the wisdom of crowds as a way to accumulate viewer opinions, compare one's green lifestyle with another and to help identify who among us is really green.
We both think this is a great idea and have joined to not only help promote our message of going green every single day for a year, but to find out some useful green tips from others.
The website also has several blogs that list ways to go green for individuals and groups. Since we feel this is a great site, we want to spread that message for Day 160 of our Green Year.