Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 173 of our Green Year: Joining WSPA

In our effort to help, not only the environment, but the animals who are part of the environment, Layla and I have joined a few societies, including the World Wildlife Fund. For our 173rd Day, we have decided to join the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

The WSPA is an international organization that is active in over 150 countries with more than 900 member societies. Started in 1981 with the merger of the World Federation for the Protection of Animals and the International Society for the Protection of Animals, the society has the goal to create a world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends, while working to build a united global animal welfare movement.

So far, the WSPA has been quite successful in their fight against the cruel treatment and abuse of animals. They have launched campaigns against bull fighting, bear baiting and dancing, whaling, capturing dolphins, intensive farming of animals and the abusive treatment of working equines and companion animals.
In 1991, WSPA began a campaign known as the Libearty Campaign, which works to end the use of bear farming, bear baiting and dancing bears. WSPA funds member societies to help with bear cub rehabilitation and the creation of bear sanctuaries. Thanks to their hard work, bear baiting has been made illegal in Pakistan.
They also design educational programmes for kids to teach them how to work with and care for animals.

As animal lovers, Layla and I are proud to be joining WSPA.

On another note, Erin Handy from the Trail Daily Times called us to do an interview for an update on Our Green Year since we are nearing our six month anniversary. Thanks to Erin and the Trail Times for helping to spread our message again.