Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 345 of our Green Year: Making Pot Pourri

Months ago, we banned buying air fresheners in our house because they carry particles that can be carcinogenic, and that just happens to be where the chemical smell comes from. However, when we made our own air fresheners, we found it was not as easy as you would think and did not work all that well. To compensate, we would open our windows to clear the air rather than buy air fresheners.

Well, now thanks to Daily Eco Tips, we have a new way and it comes by making our own pot pourri. By making our own pot pourri, we can eliminate the need not only for chemical air fresheners, but also those air fresheners that come in plastic containers and use an aerosol-based spray.

Pot pourri can be made easily. All it takes is picking some flowers and using their petals, grabbing some pine needles, some leaves and other outdoor offerings from plants. That way, you can put it altogether into a bowl and allow the fresh smell of the outdoors to fill your home. While opening the windows can do this, on those cold and windy days, using what nature provides may be the best option.