Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 7 of our Green Year: Volunteering The Green Way

The Green Party of British Columbia is a quickly rising provincial party that may get a seat or two in the next election, coming in the fall. In our second day of our Green Year, we joined the Green Party because they fit the green ideals that we hold dear. Well, Day 7 began with Layla taking on a position as the official Secretary of the BC Green Party. It is a pretty prominent position to hit only a few days after joining the party, and now she will be busy organizing meetings, the AGM, as well as taking notes during conference calls. We hope to inspire a few people within the party to start their own goal of going green every day.

It is a big step for both Layla and I to get so involved in a provincial party, but we both feel that the BC Green Party is a provincial party on the right track who are poised for a breakthrough in our area of British Columbia. Now, with Layla helping out in her position, I feel they just got a pretty significant boost on their road to provincial election success.

Here are some quick facts about the Green Party:
In 2005, the Green Party of BC ran in all 79 ridings and finished with nine percent of the total vote, down slightly from the 12 percent they had in the 2001 election. So far, across the world, Green Party members have been elected in over 60 nations around the world, including Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and New Zealand.
These countries use a proportional voting system, which BC and Canada does not, if they did, the Green Party would have had several members in both provincial and federal levels of government.