Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 10 of our Green Year: Starting the Garden

As part of our Green Year, Layla and I have decided to put in a garden. We are doing this for a variety of environmental reasons, as well as to help save some money on the rising costs of food.
When you put in a garden in your backyard, on a windowsill or on your deck, you are actually giving Mother Nature a helping hand.

It may not be hard to see why a garden is something good for the environment, but here are just some of the reasons Layla and I have decided to put a garden in the back and in the front of our house:

1. When you grow a garden, you are helping take CO2 out of the atmosphere through the plants that grow in the garden. As well, you reduce food miles because now the effort to transport food to your home is zero.
2. We will not be using pesticides in our garden and it will all be organic, which means less pesticides in our bodies and the air of our planet.
3. Gardens are habitats for a wide variety of insect species. Instead of trying to get rid of them with chemicals, we are going to try to use natural messages to deal with them.

To deal with our garden, we will be watering minimally, using rain water to water the garden, and we will be composting certain food scraps and other compostable items and using that in the garden instead of buying fertilizers. This will help the soil and the plants, while recycling waste products such as used vegetables and fruits.

If you have any area in your yard, deck or window sill, build yourself a garden. It can be a flower garden to help pollinating insects, it can be vegetables that will put organic food in your diet, or it can be a mixture.
Gardens are easy to make, fun to maintain, the rewards are beautiful and the garden produce tastes great.