Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 19 of our Green Year: Vinegar For The House

We are nearly to our twentieth day of our Green Year, and for this day we are going to talk about vinegar and how it really is one of the best environmental things you can buy for your house. The number of uses it has is really amazing when you think about all that it can do, and by using vinegar you can actually stop using many of the other cleaning products that carry harmful chemicals.

Now, when you buy vinegar, be sure to find out what brand you are buying because some come from fossil fuel products, which negates using it as an environmentally friendly solution in the house. To find out how to make your own vinegar, visit this site:

So, what are the uses of vinegar around the house?

  • Instead of using paint thiner, use vinegar as it is much better than turpentine and is safer for both your hands and the environment.
  • Mix it with water as we did earlier this week and you have a product that is much better than most cleaning products bought at the store.
  • If you burn yourself, or have a bit of pain, you can use vinegar by soaking it on a cotton ball and putting that on the bruise or burn to quicken the healing.
  • Fido pee on the carpet? Use vinegar to deal with it.
  • If you have a stain, you can put vinegar on the stain before washing it, which is better than using the expensive and environmentally-harmful stain removal products on the market.
  • It serves as a better fabric softener and uses about half the amount needed.
  • In the kitchen and bathroom, you can use vinegar to deal with mold, stains and soap scum.
  • If you have clogs in the drain, boil white vinegar and pour it down the drain to remove clogs without the need for Drain-O.
  • If you want to cleanse your face or deal with dandruff, you can use vinegar instead of other expensive products.
  • One of the most toxic items you will use is oven cleaner, but vinegar can actually work better in the stove simply by soaking stains in vinegar and then scrubbing them off.
  • If you have a stinky room, put a bowl of vinegar in there to deodorize it. Both the vinegar smell and the bad odor will disappear in no time.
There are so many uses for vinegar, that many people really do not realize it. Give a try to some of these uses for vinegar and let us know how they work for you.

Thanks to AboutMyPlanet.Com for all these helpful tips!