Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 144 of our Green Year: Clicking For The Climate

Throughout Our Green Year, we have taken part in a variety of campaigns that allow you to use your computer to help the world. Whether it is, or Facebook applications that give donations to environmental groups, there are plenty of ways you can help the environment from the comfort of your office chair.

Today, we are spreading the word of another one, which we heard about on It is called Click-and-Care, and it is a German campaign that shares nature photos that are quite beautiful, and for every photo that is downloaded, sponsors donate 15 cents to green causes. These pictures are quiet beautiful and whenever you download them, you help the environment. Click-and-Care has received a lot of attention thanks to Gerhard Launer, who does some amazing aerial images, while other German artists have also given the rights to their photos to this great cause.

It should be noted that the entire site is in German, but we were able to figure out our way through registering pretty easy.

In other environment news, a newspaper in Greenland has decided to show the effect of global warming on the ice fields of Greenland in an innovative way. For many of us, seeing climate change is hard because we live so far from the front lines of climate change, the arctic. However, with the new 'ice-cam', you can see one of the largest glaciers in Greenland, Ilulissat, melting over the course of many weeks and months.
NASA has confirmed that 239 cubic kilometers of ice are melting each year in Greenland, and the faster it melts, the faster sea levels are going to rise around the world. You can view the website here. Don't expect to see the melting quickly, it is pretty boring, but if you watch it over the course of several months, you will see it disappear before your eyes.

Don't forget, we are running a sister blog that details what we do each day (driving, walking, etc) and what we buy each day to show how Our Green Year affects us on a daily basis. You can view it here.