Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 152 of our Green Year: Watching For Animal Testing

Layla and I are big animal lovers. We have two birds, two cats and a dog, and in the future will own many more animals. They are a part of our family and we treat them as if they were our kids. That is why for many years now, we have tried to make sure that what we buy is not animal tested in any way. For Our Green Year, we are going to continue our drive to keep all Animal-Tested products out of our home.

It is unfortunate that for many industries, especially cosmetics, they use animals as guinea pigs. Why do rabbits have to get perfume sprayed in their faces to see how it reacts with the skin? Why do cats or dogs have to be used to test the effects of certain eye-liners and mascara on the eye. There is no need for it and it needs to stop.

All products that have not been tested on animals now carry labels to show that. Since Layla and I are animal lovers, it will not be hard to continue buying products that have not been tested on animals. As well, we already make our own body wash, we buy healthy and organic shampoos, cosmetics and more, which all pride themselves on not being tested on animals.

One of the easiest things you can do to help our animal friends is to ensure that whenever you buy a product, you check to see if it has been tested on animals. If it says it is not tested on animals, then that is a product you want to have in your home and on your shelf.

**The picture above is of our little dog Niko**

UPDATE: Layla and I got rid of a large number of our large furniture today. For a full list, check out
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