Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 191 of our Green Year: Greening Up Our Business

As many readers will know, Layla and I run a media company out of our home. Well, just because we work from home, that is no reason to not go green with what we do for a living. Hence, we have implemented these green tips for our home business.
  • Put all business computers, printers and other electronics in the office to sleep. This is important to do because they use much less energy. We only put them to sleep when we are working during the day and we are not in the room. During the evening, all electronics will be shut off completely.
  • No more wireless in the office. While it would be nice to take our laptops anywhere in the house, we have committed to having our laptops fixed in one location and connected to our internet through cables, not wireless. The reason is that we recently read a story that said having your wireless set to On on the computer actually causes it to use a lot of energy. So, to save energy we turn of wireless and connect directly to the internet that way.
  • Since we run our office from home, we do not have to drive to the office. We also do all our business over the net and phone so we rarely have to drive anywhere, thereby saving gas.
  • All our ink cartridges are recycled or re-filled, rather than simply buying new ones.
  • We never print anything off unless it is absolutely necessary (as per a previous blog we did).
  • All lights in the office are CFL lights (as per a previous blog we did)
  • All electronics will be recycled properly (as per a previous blog we did)