Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 115 of our Green Year: The Toilet Rule

There is a golden rule of toilets in Western Civilization, and that is when you are done your business, you flush everything down. However, this can be very wasteful because each flush takes about five to 15 liters down with it. That seems like a lot when you don't have to actually flush every single time.

Hence, we are going to start going by the rule here of if it is brown, flush it down, but if it is yellow just let it mellow.

This is not for everyone of course, but Layla and I figure that with the huge amount of controversy in our own town about the watershed, we would like to find a way to deal with conserving water, since we conserve water nearly everywhere else already. We barely water our lawn, we reuse shower water, catch rain water, wash clothes by hand and even wash dishes by hand. For that reason, we think it is time to begin conserving water in in the toilet.