Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 126 of our Green Year: Greening The World With Facebook

Layla and I are self-described Facebook-aholics. We love it and not a day goes by that we don't log on a few times. We even have a Facebook group for Our Green Year, and you can join it if you want, just click the link on the side of this webpage.

Thankfully, Facebook also helps us go green, beyond spreading our green message that is. They do this through a variety of applications that allow you to help others go green through the magic of Facebook, clicking and advertising.

One such application is the Green my Vino application from Village Green Energy. When this application is added to an application, friends can send other friends gifts. For each gift they send, a pledge is made to wineries in northern California that grow wine in methods that use renewable energy.

SunChips has an application that for every person who adds it, they donate $1 towards the goal of $50,000 that will be used to plant trees in Greensburg, Kansas, which had most of its trees destroyed in a tornado.

Lastly, there is (lil) Green Patch, which is an application that saves the rainforest. Members get a green rectangle on their Facebook page that they can decorate with cute garden people, mushrooms and flowers and with each addition, money goes from sponsors to save the rainforest. So far, 29,259,567 square feet of rainforest has been saved.

Those are just a few of the applications that are used on Facebook to make the world a greener place. Do you know of some more? Let us know!