Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 41 of our Green Year: Organic and Local

When we look at the high price of gas today, we can see it translated in our food. It costs more to transport the food, so we pay more for it now.
As well, the transportation of food, often at thousands of kilometers, makes up a lot of greenhouse gases, that cause global warming.

As a result, Layla and I are going to go more and more organic with our food (less pesticides), as well as more local (less traveling), with each passing day. We will be working to make our lives with meat (what we occasionally do eat) and items like egg, milk and cheese, to be more local. We already grow food in a garden, but we will also be buying at local farmer's markets to support locals.

Buying your food local helps limit the amount of fuel used to transport it, the amount of money taken away from local producers and it can be better for you when you buy food from your local area (see the 100-mile diet). One of our Green Friends offers a great service, where you can find someone who provides local and organic food, anywhere that you live. Check out Eat Well Guide at

As for Layla and I, bring on the locally made and grown organic food!