Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 56 of our Green Year: Bottle Composting

You may be thinking we are talking about composting bottles, but the truth is we are talking about making a portable composting machine that you can take with you. Whether you are on vacation, or even at work, why should you forget about going green when you are not home? This is where the portable bottle compost method comes into play.

You can easily make this portable compost device and take it with you wherever you go. Now you don't have to throw things out that could be composted when you can simply put them in the bottle and compost it from your car, hotel room or office.

These are really easy to make. To make them, you need these items:
  • A Two-Liter Plastic Soft Drink Bottle
  • Two Cups of Fruits and Veggies Scraps, all chopped up.
  • One cup of grass clippings or leaves
  • Two cups of garden soil.
  • Blood and bone fertilizer if you have it.
  • One newspaper torn into squares.
  • Spray bottle with water.
  • Spoons for the soil.
  • Tape and a marker
To make the compost bottle, follow these steps:
  1. Remove the label from the bottle, leave the lid on and cut about three-quarters of the way up the bottom to form a flip top.
  2. Put the soil into the bottom and then moisten it with the spray bottle. Put a layer of fruit scraps in, then cover with soil about one cm thick.
  3. Put some fertilizer in it.
  4. Add leaves and then cover with another one cm of soil.
  5. Put some fertilizer on that.
  6. Place newspaper in the bottle and put another one cm of soil.
  7. Put another layer of fruit and vegetable scraps in, cover with one cm of soil and sprinkle with more fertilizer.
  8. Tape the top up and put it in a sunny spot on the window sill.
Afterwards, every so often, check to see if it is too moist (open lid) or too dry (add water). After a few weeks of adding composting to it, then take it out to the garden and put it in the soil.
This really makes a great portable compost bin for when you are on vacation or in the office.

If you have photos of you making this compost bottle, send them to and we will put them up.
Here are a few photos of me using our manual lawn mower, which does a great job of the lawn.