Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 43 of our Green Year: The Dirty on Toilet Paper

Something every household uses is toilet paper. Often, several rolls are bought per week for a house of more than two people, and this presents a problem. When we buy 'normal' toilet paper, we are supporting pulp mills that pollute the environment and cut down trees.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down for the simple use of turning them into toilet paper. No offense, but it seems short-sighted to cut down the things we need for oxygen, and use them to wipe our butts with. Think of all the trees that could be saved if we all just switched to recycled toilet paper.

The importance of having recycled toilet paper is clear. When you use recycled toilet paper, you cut down no trees and you use what has already been used, after it has been reprocessed, again. There is a misconception out there that using recycled toilet paper is not as comfortable as other toilet paper. This is a myth. The truth is that it is just as good, if not better.

In the Baird household, we have decided to go with Seventh Generation recycled toilet paper and paper towels. We will not be buying toilet paper that is not recycled anymore, and by doing that we will save several trees from being cut down.

Do you know of a company that sells recycled toilet paper? Let us know!
Don't forget to send us photos of you doing green things (leave out ones that involve toilet paper...) and we will post them on our blog, just like our reader Maggie did with her patio garden! Send your photos to crwbaird@gmail.com