Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 195 of our Green Year: Making Liquid Soap

Throughout Our Green Year, we are trying to make a lot of what we have and use in the house, with things that are good for the environment, and which we buy on a regular basis. Today, we do this again with the making of green tea liquid soap.

Green tea liquid soap is exactly how it sounds, soap that you use to wash your hands that has green tea in it. Layla and I are big fans of green tea as a drink, and many people know about the health benefits that the tea has, including fighting many diseases. However, we were surprised when a reader alerted us to the fact that there is a green tea liquid soap, and we thought it would be great to show how to make it today.

To make green tea liquid soap, you need one cup of bubble-bath base, which can be found at craft stores, 3/4 cup of water, four to six drops of soap fragrance and one tea bag.
  1. Combine together the base, water and fragrance in a measuring cup and mix it well. Then, tear open the tea bag and add the leaves inside to the mixture. Be sure to blend it very well.
  2. With a small funnel, put the mixture into two bottles to equal level (or into one large bottle).
  3. Cover up the top of the bottle with fabric to make it look nice and maybe put a decorative towel around the bottle to add some flair.
That is all there is too it! The fragrance of the tea soap is stimulating and refreshing and can be used as a hand soap or as a body wash (when we are out of our sugar scrub body wash, we are going to make this as we find the sugar scrub to be a bit abrasive).