Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 201 of our Green Year: SPCA Tickets

Layla and I love animals, and we are members of the SPCA. We have plans to help out the SPCA this Christmas (stay tuned!), and we are always ready to help out in other ways. Back in Rossland, Layla was going to be joining the BCSPCA branch there to help out before we moved. Here, we are going to be helping out the SPCA through a variety of methods, including with our company.

One way we have decided to help out the SPCA is by buying tickets for their 2008 Christmas Cash Lottery. This is a lottery here in Alberta that helps dogs, cats and other animals at the SPCA get good care and a better chance at being adopted. It is a great lottery and we are proud to buy tickets for it.

The lottery has 40 cash prizes that total $90,000, including a $10,000 Early Bird Prize and a $20,000 Grand Prize. However, even without the prizes, Layla and I would be happy to support this cause. Animals are very important to us.

If you are interested in buying tickets and you are in Alberta, visit this website.

The picture above features Woodstock, the German Shepard here, with a new reusable bag we received from the SPCA.

Some good news, my parents have agreed to offset their vacation this year. It is great to spread the environmental message!

Also, we tried our ginger ale today, that Layla made two days ago and it is EXCELLENT!