Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 220: Christmas Lights, Alternative Energy Style

When we arrived here at the ranch back in October, we found out that there was next to nothing here for Christmas lights. What was here was broken, and in some cases the wires had been chewed by mice, making them horribly unsafe.
Since we felt that Christmas was not Christmas without Christmas lights, we decided to by some so we could decorate the ranch. However, we had to make sure that the lights we bought, still went along with Our Green Year. The answer came in the form of solar power. We are already beginning our plans to install solar panels at the property before April, and we thought using solar-powered lights would be a great way to test how solar power works here.

Going green is the in thing right now, and it was not hard to find some solar powered lights. We decided to retire the old lights (we are currently looking for somewhere that they can be recycled properly) and upgrade to solar powered lights. Of course, we asked ourselves the purchase questions and felt due to the fact that they can be reused for years, are solar-powered, and can be recycled or donated years down the road, then they would be a good buy for the house.

The solar powered lights we have come in packs of 50, with everything you need. It takes one day to charge the lights, and that charge will last three days.

We are glad we found these lights because for Layla and I, going green for Christmas is very important to us this year. We will not be going nuts with Christmas decorations (and most likely buying no other decorations beyond the lights) because we have reduced our consumption greatly. Nearly all the decorations in the house will be those that have been used by us and those at the ranch for years. However, solar lights seemed like the perfect opportunity for introducing solar power at the ranch.

Our first column appeared in the local paper. In the column, we offered tips for cleaning the house using natural products. Here is a pic.