Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 216 of our Green Year: Banning Ivory

There was a time, only a century or so ago, when ivory was prized for everything from piano keys to teeth. While many loved the quality of these items that used ivory, it led to the complete slaughter of elephants throughout Africa and India.

These days, it is generally considered to be horrible taste to have anything made of ivory, but that has not stopped many people from buying ivory that has usually been poached from animals. What is worse, those poachers kill the elephants for their ivory, making it a complete and useless slaughter. Although, even if they were alive and missing their tusks, it would make it no better.

As a result, Layla and I are supporting IFAW and their fight against the sale of ivory by donating to their campaign.

You can help in four ways through donations to keep elephants from being killed by poachers for their ivory. To start, we are paying $15 to provide milk for an orphaned baby elephant for a week.

These are how your donations work:

$15 could pay for milk for an orphaned baby elephant for a week
$25 could pay the running cost of a patrol vehicle for a week
$50 could pay the wages of a ranger for a month
$100 could help train a ranger to protect elephants from poachers

Last month we found an abandoned kitty in our barn. We adopted him and named him Tubby-Conrad because he has chubby cheeks and is pretty cute. Well, today we made sure that we took him in (he is past six months age) to get neutered. That is what being a responsible pet owner does :)