Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 205 of our Green Year: Knitting.......Plastic Bags

When we moved to the ranch, we found that reusable bags were not being used regularly here, which meant that there were plenty of plastic bags. While on rare occasions someone does bring home plastic bags, Layla and I have been able to stop the growth of the plastic bag store, and we have worked to ensure everyone remembers their reusable cloth bags.

However, this still creates the problem of what to do with the plastic bags that are already here. So, we have come up with a solution. Why not make some reusable bags out of the plastic bags! All it involves is some skill with knitting and a bunch of plastic bags.

This is a great way to use your creative skills, while at the same time creating something you can reuse over and over again. Now, we understand that you could just reuse the countless plastic bags you already have, but those will degrade over time, especially after a few uses. Eventually you will have to throw them out. With knitting a plastic bag, you will be able to create some cool bags that will get people asking "How did you make that?"

For the instructions we are using, you can visit this website.

Yesterday, we decided to make some blueberry ice cream. Just like Layla's ginger ale, this turned out great. We let it freeze a bit, and then had some. We are keeping it in a reused container that we got when we bought some homemade ice cream a few weeks ago. If you want to look at how to make ice cream, it is real easy and we have covered it in this blog.