Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 315 of our Green Year: The Animal Rescue Site

Put your hand up if you love animals.
Most likely a bunch of you have now put your hands up. Not surprising, we all love animals and we generally all want to help them out.
Layla and I are big supporters for animals and have given to the WWF, Greenpeace, SPCA and more through Our Green Year.
Today, we bring up another site. This site helps to rescue animals who need our help, ironically because of how they have been treated by other humans.

It is the Animal Rescue Site

This site is where you can go to click a button so that sponsors can donate to a worthy cause. Your clicking makes sponsors pay to provide food to some of the 27,000,000 unwanted animals who are in shelters across the United States. This is important because 10,000,000 animals are put to death because they have been abandoned.