Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 334 of our Green Year: All Natural Glue

Layla makes a lot of crafts from a variety of reused items. Whether it is using yogurt cups, Popsicle sticks or any other type of reused item, the one thing that is needed to make it all fit together is glue.

While there is a rumor that horses make glue, I have no way to really confirm this. Regardless, glue is full of chemicals and when we use it we are inhaling those chemicals. In addition, making glue then processes those chemicals, which pollutes the environment and not just our health.

Naturally, it makes sense to make green crafts by using a natural glue and that is why, just in time for spring and summer and the inevitable farmer's markets, we are going to make sure our glue is all-natural. There are plenty of all natural glues found in nature, including a natural adhesive composed of bacteria that is stronger than superglue.

We did some research and thanks to, we found this one to be the best:

In the words of Treehugger, Coccoina Eco-Friendly Glue is"awesome. They’re just as portable as the glues you used in grade school…except they’re not bad for the environment. They’re non-toxic as well as acid and solvent free. They’ve got glue sticks that sell for around three dollars."

Now our crafts can be not only made from reused and recycled materials, but held together by a green glue.