Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 331 of our Green Year: Cloth Lint Rollers

Layla and I run a business out of our house, and there are times where we have to go and meet clients at their business, or perhaps at our favorite coffee shop. The problem is that we live in a house that has a lot of cats that have been rescued or dropped here by people who figure its okay to drop cats in the country.

Now, combine a lot of cats, shirts and pants, and business meetings and you have a combination for a lot of hair on a lot of clothes. Hence, that creates the need to get the lint off. While many people just use tape, or use those tape rollers, there is a more eco-friendly way. There are cloth lint rollers that catch the hair and can be reused many times over the years. Unlike tape rollers, you don't have to keep replacing the cloth ones with new ones because the tape has run out. This makes things better for the environment and cheaper in the long run.

The best part is that we don't have to worry about cat hair on our clothes anymore, and we aren't throwing out pieces of tape everytime we have to meet a client.