Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 327 of our Green Year: Commit21

This tip comes from one of our readers who told us about, which is a cool website that has been created for the purpose of inspiring people to create a positive green change in their lives. They do this through campaigns, with their first campaign being supporting Earth Hour, as we committed to doing a few days ago. They want to help WWF inspire 1,000,000,000 people to turn off their lights.

However, that is not all this website is about. While its first campaign is about Earth Hour, once that passes it will move onto another campaign to help raise awareness about it.

All the while, people create groups within that help to gain awareness about what the website is currently supporting. We even created our own group here to help raise awareness of Earth Hour beyond what we mentioned on our website:

The people who have committed to making groups here have made the choice to go green and to support Earth Hour through whatever means that they have. One has committed to raising awareness for Earth Hour through his marketing techniques, while others are choosing to go green beyond that. Another person is going to encourage her neighbors to turn off their lights.

One great feature of this website is that while you may have thought that you will turn off the lights on Earth Hour, you may have not thought of explaining to your neighbor why they should, or that when you turn off your lights for Earth Hour, you will then replace all your lights with energy efficient light bulbs!

There are many methods to go green, and there are many ways to raise awareness about going green, which can be just as helpful. the more people who know about going green, the better off we would all be.