Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 333 of our Green Year: Turning On A Trickle

One important part of Our Green Year has been saving water. We have saved water in a variety of methods, including limiting our showers, only turning the tap on when we need to and reusing all the water that we can, both inside and out in nature.

One thing we never thought of was how much water when we turn the tap on, even briefly, and do we need it on full blast. Green As A Thistle, which is a great site that has provided us with many ideas for going green, raises the point of why not only turn the water on a trickle when you are brushing your teeth. Instead of turning the tap on, full blast, you can turn it on a trickle and just rinse off your toothbrush with a bit of water. Instead of using a blast of water, you can use a trickle of water.

Sometimes going green means taking something we have already done to go green, and improving on it to go even more green.

Thanks again to Green As A Thistle for all the great suggestions that they list on their site.