Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 316 of our Green Year: Fixing Faucets

Anyone reading this ever tried to fall asleep as a faucet dripped continuously. Well, not only is that a big annoyance for us when we are trying to sleep, it is also a big annoyance for the environment.

Going into the 21st century, water is poised to become one of the biggest commodities, with some countries possibly going to war as the need for water grows, while freshwater supplies dry up. This is good and bad news for Canada. We have a lot of fresh water, which gives us plenty, but it also puts a lot of hungry eyes on us going into a hot and dry 21st century.

Therefore, it is important to save water wherever we can. Hence, Layla and I will ensure there are no dripping faucets in our home, and if there are, they will be fixed immediately. If they cannot be fixed (say do to something a plumber needs to fix that we can't) then we will collect the water and then distribute it to plants and animals.

Every drop counts!