Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 197 of our Green Year: Apple Cider At Home

Today is the big day in the United States, when hopefully Barack Obama is elected as the new leader of the United States, and maybe then we can put the entire fiasco of George W. Bush behind us forever.

However, this blog is not about the American election, but about making apple cider. Layla and I are big fans of apple cider and apple juice, and we thought this would be a cool thing to make in the future.

To make apple cider, you do the following:
  1. Choose the applies you want. Red Delicious and Yellow Delicious apples have a sweet flavor, while Granny Smith has a tart flavor.
  2. Try and mix the blends together, with maybe three sweet apples and one tart apple for a sweet taste.
  3. Clean off the apples and cut away bruises.
  4. Quarter the apples, but leave the skins on them.
  5. Blend the apples completely, or puree them in a food processor.
  6. Squeeze the pureed apples through a cheesecloth and get all the juice that you can. Then, store the cider in a sealed container in a cool room for two weeks.
Enjoy your cider, and get out and vote!