Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 222 of our Green Year: Sponsoring Refuges

For the last day of November, and the 222nd day of Our Green Year, we will be responding to an e-mail I received from the Sierra Club, that asked us to sponsor a refuge to help animals. Always willing to help animals in any way we can, Layla and I were happy to comply.

The refuge that we will be sponsoring is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is often called America's Serengeti. Since oil companies are chomping at the bit to get into this refuge, we are hoping that our sponsorship will help build a movement that keeps oil companies out of the refuge, and protects animals within it.

The refuge sits between the Brooks Range and the Beaufort Sea in northeast Alaska. This area is home to 200 species of birds, caribou, muskoxen, wolverines, grizzly bears, polar bears, walrus, Bowhead whales and Beluga whales.

Layla and I worry that future generations will not be able to see the animals that many of us take for granted. If we can play a small part in preventing that from happening by donating money to the Sierra Club to protect an arctic refuge, then that is something we are happy to do.

For more information, check out this link.