Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 212 of our Green Year: Green Web Hosting

As many of our readers will know, Layla and I are professional writers. We own a media company that specializes in writing books, articles, press releases, as well as helping organizations with public relations, and even making orientation videos for some large companies in our area. Well, while we have been able to integrate going green into our business with some of the things we do, we could not change everything, until now.

Today, we are happy to say that with the incorporation and name change of our business from Monashee Impressions to CL Baird Media Inc., we can now start hosting our business website on a green web hosting server.

A green web hosting company is one that either offsets the energy it uses, or one that is completely powered by green energy. That way, you have have your website hosted on a server that does not contribute to CO2 emissions through its energy use.
The web hosting company that we chose was DreamHost. DreamHost, as they describe themselves:
"We've calculated the impact of everything that DreamHost uses and leaves behind in the course of our daily work. All of the resources that we use - paper in the office, electricity for our servers, even the gas in our cars that bring us to the office - leaves behind some kind of soul-sucking residue in the world."
After they realized that they used enough energy to power 545 houses, they decided to do what they had to so that they could become completely carbon neutral, and they have.

Green web hosting is something that everyone who has a business website can do. This does not cost us really anymore than what we had before, and we are not contributing to greenhouse gases with our website anymore.