Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 203 of our Green Year: Turn Down That Noise!

Everyone knows about water, soil and air pollution, but people never seem to think too much about noise pollution. In many ways, noise pollution is one of the most common forms of pollution in our world. It seems wherever you go, you hear music, horns, cars running, people yelling or dog's barking.

The effects of noise pollution are also not as noticeable as other types of pollution. We can see smog, we can taste tainted water, but we can't see the noise pollution's effect on the environment. First, noise pollution is bad for us. When there is a noisy environment around us, we become irritable, our blood pressure goes up, and it can lead to health problems like headaches, gastric issues and cardiac problems. Of course, it can also lead to deafness as well.

The environment is disturbed by noise pollution because it can have a severe effect on the birds and animals that are affected by noise pollution. Without breeding, those animals can go extinct. Studies have shown that animals near an airport suffer a large decrease in their reproduction.

Hence, for Layla and I, we will be going green today by reducing our noise pollution with some of the following methods:

  • If you don't need to yell, don't. You may be disturbing more than the people around you.
  • No need to honk in traffic, even if someone really ticks us off.
  • We have dogs at our house, and we have already made the effort to limit their barking through training.
  • No need to blast that Soundgarden or System of a Down, a lower setting can be better for the environment, and our ears.
  • Putting your phone on vibrate is not only courteous to the people around you, but also good for the environment.
  • The television does not need to be loud. We have to remember that many animals hear much better than we do, and while it may seem "sort of loud" to us, it may be blaring to them.
Living out at the ranch, we are appreciating that silence is golden. We often don't hear very many noises but the coyotes and the birds. Since we share this land with them, we want to make sure that the only noise they hear is the quiet awe of us in our surroundings.