Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 214 of our Green Year: Goat's Milk

A while ago, we decided to stop eating beef, and for months we have not had a single meat product that came from a cow, choosing instead to have bison or elk on the occasion where we will eat that type of meat.
Well, recently we noticed that our favorite organic store was beginning to stock more than just organic milk, and was actually stocking its shelves with goat's milk. This was big news because we have been wanting to try goat's milk for a while. So, we bought some and are happy to say that as part of Our Green Year, we will be drinking goat's milk from now on.

It actually tasted way better than I thought it would. I had thought it would taste sour for some reason, but it was smooth and only slightly less thick than cream. There are plenty of goat farms around us here, so it will not be hard to buy this locally from farmers who feed goats organically.

We are pretty happy to be going to goat's milk for our milk because we had struggled with the fact that we banned beef, but still bought milk (which is used more for cooking and baking here, rather than drinking). While we have found goat's milk, we are still on the look out for goat cheese that comes from an organic source. Fingers crossed!

Also some cool news, beginning next week, Layla and I will be columnists for the local paper, where we will talk about green tips and tricks as Craig and Layla Baird: The Green Couple.