Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 289 of our Green Year: Using Neem Oil

A few weeks ago, Layla and I talked about how you can keep some pests away from your garden plants. Well, there is another way that you can protect your and it involves using a pesticide.
Well, that is not completely true to call it a pesticide. It does keep pests away, but it is not a chemical pesticide like you normally find in some gardens.

The pesticide is Neem Oil, and it is a completely botanical way to keep pests away from your plants in the garden. made from a plant in Southeast Asia, it does not affect humans, mammals or even bugs that are beneficial to the growing of a garden plant. This wonderful natural oil keeps away aphids, white flies, mildew, mosquitoes and lice from your garden plants.

Many gardeners and farmers are now using Neem Oil because it is an organic substitute for herbicides and pesticides that are dangerous and carcinogenic. Neem oil does not poison vegetables in any way, so you can eat them right out of the garden. On top of that, butterflies, earthworms and bees are not bothered by this oil and that allows the plants to absorb nutrients from these beneficial insects, as well as helping them pollinate.

We are going to give Neem Oil a try in part of our garden this year to see how well it works for us :) Gardening season is only a few months away!