Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 302 of our Green Year: Birdhouses

Earlier in Our Green Year, we have done a couple things to help the bird populations at the ranch. First, we spay our cats so there are no more cats running around hunting the birds, while at the same time we put up things in the window so that the birds do not fly into the windows. In addition to that, we also make sure we always have seeds out for the birds in three different bird feeders so they always have food for the winter.

Well, for today we are going a step further and are making plans to put bird houses throughout the ranch. Birdhouses are just that, houses for birds. The birds can then live in them and enjoy a pre-built house for themselves. Using scrap wood we will build the houses, as well as buy some houses that comply with our eco-friendly attitudes.

Birds can build their own houses of course, but we figure that we can give them a helping hand with some luxury bird houses for them to enjoy. That way they will have much more protection from larger birds and cats.