Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 295 of our Green Year: Bubblegum Ban

First, some cool news. Today, we passed the big milestone of 10,000 hits. We are just under 10 months of doing Our Green Year and both Layla and I think it is great that we have hit 10,000 hits and we thank everyone who has come by our site to follow our journey to go green.

Now, both Layla and I like bubblegum, but due to Our Green Year, we have had to cut back our usage of it. First, sugar in bubblegum is probably not fair-trade, nor organic. We could have sugar-free gum but that contains aspartame, which has been found to cause tumors in rats. So that is out. As well, bubblegum can be a very wasteful item. First you have the wrapper, then inside you have a foil wrapping around the bubblegum. Then on top of that you sometimes have a paper wrapping over the bubblegum itself. That is a lot of needless waste.

Then there is bubblegum itself. it is something we don't swallow, so it is thrown away. It does not decay quickly and can sit around for a long time as it slowly decays. Then of course there is the problem with it being put under tables and everywhere else it shouldn't be.

So, for the waste and how it contains many unnatural chemicals, we have decided to not have chewing gum anymore.