Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 292 of our Green Year: Reusing Bread Bags

Yesterday we committed to reusing the tissue boxes that some others here use, and today we are committing to reusing something else; bread bags.
We make our own bread here, so there are actually very few bread bags. Usually these are bread bags for specialty bread like Ciabatta, French and Sourdough. Naturally, we need to find a way to reuse those bread bags.

Thankfully, bread bags can be reused many different times. First we can reuse those bags for the bread we make here. As well, we can reuse bread bags to store a variety of items in the fridge. The bread bags are made from plastic that is safe to use for food.

We can also use our bread bags to collect dew in the morning in spring and summer, and we can reuse the bread bags to store food for when we hike, like trail mix. When we go to the store to get vegetables, we can also store the vegetables in those bread bags.

There are many different ways to reuse bread bags, and these are just a few.