Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 306 of our Green Year: Turn Off Oven To Save Heat

Over the course of Our Green Year, we have mentioned several ways to save heat and energy. Just yesterday we began closing dampers on fireplaces when they are not in use so that we can save heat and keep it from disappearing up the chimney.

We also keep the oven door closed so that we do not waste heat when we want to look to see how the food is doing. On top of that, we eat cold meals each week to limit the energy we use.
Well, today we are going a bit further by turning the oven off 20 minutes before our the meal is done cooking.

The stove has enough residual heat to last in the oven to cook the last of your meal, and you will save up 20 minutes of energy in your stove! Saving energy is all about doing these little things. Little things like keeping the oven door closed and turning the oven off after 20 minutes can save a lot of energy over the course of the year.

Happy cooking!