Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 304 of our Green Year: Recycle Cell Phones

Every so often, everyone gets a new cell phone. Layla and I had our business cell phone for five years before it finally crapped out on us and we were forced to buy a new business cell phone. This created the problem of what to do with the old cell phone, plus a few older ones that still sat in a drawer, despite no use for years.

Well, thankfully there is cell phone recycling. With cell phone recycling, your cell phone is recycled to its base parts and elements, and then reused in other electronics, including other cell phones. This makes it a perfect solution, just like recycling your batteries (although we buy rechargeable batteries).

Where we are, there is a place that we can recycle them, and we will be taking our cell phone in there right away to have it recycled into something that someone else will be able to use in the future!