Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 301 of our Green Year: Defrosting Food In the Fridge

Typically when people want to defrost something, it involves putting it in the microwave and pushing defrost. Naturally this uses up a bit of energy to do that, so at the ranch, we have decided to do things a different way.

We could let things defrost on the counter, but with dogs and cats in the house, it may result in lost food. As well, we worry about bacteria, flies and more.
This has led us to another solution, which is defrosting food in the fridge.
By taking food from the fridge and putting it in the freezer, we are keeping the food safe from the animals and pests in the house, while at the same time not using the energy of the microwave to defrost it.
We schedule our dinners so that we know what we are going to eat during the week. This helps us defrost things in the fridge because now we can take out the fish, vegetables or whatever we are making, and put it in the fridge in the morning. By the time we are ready to cook those items, we can take them out of the fridge and begin cooking with them.

For the days that we are cooking a dinner and need to defrost what we eat, fridge defrost is what we will do.