Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 223 of our Green Year: Helping The Spirit Bear

One of the most beautiful animals in the world, and the provincial mammal of British Columbia, is the Spirit Bear. This bear is found only in one portion of British Columbia and is a stunning thing to see.
To make sure that it will be here for years to come, the government of British Columbia decided to designate an area the size of Prince Edward Island as a protected area to protect the Spirit Bear and the temperate rain forest habitat that it lives in.

However, with the deadline for the creation of the refuge coming fast with March 2009 only a few months away, little has been done to get everything in motion to protect this vital habitat for an amazing animal.

As a result, an initiative has been created called Keep The Promise, which is urging Gordon Campbell and the B.C. government to honor its promise to protect this habitat and the Spirit Bear.
As the website says:
"Unless all elements of the promise are kept, the ecological health of the rainforest will be in jeopardy once again. We've come so far towards the rare success of having a vast unspoiled forest safeguarded, let’s not undermine all this good work by not reaching the finish line. Help us tell the BC government that a promise is a promise. Send your message to BC Premier Gordon Campbell today! (Copied to Environment Minister Barry Penner, Agriculture & Lands Minister Stan Hagen, and Forests & Range Minister Pat Bell)."

On their website, they have an easy form you can fill out that will send a letter to the above people to urge them to keep the promise. Since Layla and I were residents of BC until only a couple months ago, we feel we should lend our support behind this great cause.