Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 286 of our Green Year: EcoFont

While Layla and I use recycled paper, print only when we really need to and recycle everything we print (that is not mailed in re-used envelopes), there is something else we can do to be green with our office and it comes in the form of the font we use.

EcoFont is a new font that can actually help you save energy on your printing and save toner because of its innovative style.

This great font comes from a Dutch company called SPRANQ, and it is touted to use 20 percent less toner or ink than other types of fonts. By having small circles in the lettering to reduce the amount of ink needed, it saves energy and saves you from having to buy more ink. The font is completely readable, but amazingly innovative.

It is also free to download from here.