Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 288 of our Green Year: Cooling Water In The Fridge

Warming weather is on the way. In fact, this entire winter has been much warmer than usual and today it even got up to seven degrees Celsius. Seven February! That is a bit odd we feel and hopefully it does not mean that the runaway effect of global warming is here and ready to steam roll over us.

Well, with the warming weather, which will most likely cool soon, we figured we would put out a tip that we will be using this spring and summer. On a hot day, nothing is better than a cold glass of water. However, cooling that water at the tap can waste a lot of water as you try to get the water to the right temperature. Therefore, in our house now, when we want cold water we will be putting jugs of water in the fridge, which we will then let the fridge cool itself.

That way, no water is wasted!