Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 309 of our Green Year: One Glass/Dish Throughout The Day

Conservation is a very important part of going green. Instead of allowing ourselves to consume, consume, consume, we need to try and find ways to cut back. There are hundreds of ways to do this, many of which we have covered in the past 308 days.
Another way you can do this is easy. It involves your dishes and it involves how you use them. No, we are not talking about doing dishes, we are talking about minimizing dishes.

Sometimes, and we are all guilty of this from time to time, we will get a cup, use it, put it in the sink and then later on get another cup. Now we are using two cups. Over the course of a day, you may use two, three or four cups. All those cups need to be washed and that means extra time and water to wash them (we do not have a dishwasher yet, all by hand).

So, to minimize our water usage and our consumption, we will start using one glass, cup and dish throughout the day. When we use a glass, we will wipe it out with a damp or dry rag. When we use a dish or cup, we will do the same. That means there will me much less dishes to do, and there will be less waste as a result.

It is win-win, especially for the person who has to do dishes at the end of the night. Now they will only have a few dishes to do, meaning only a little water is needed.