Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 291 of our Green Year: Reusing Tissue Boxes

Everybody gets a runny hose and everybody sometimes cries, hence the reason for tissue boxes. Layla and I prefer to use reusable cloths, but others at the ranch do use tissue boxes (tissues made from recycled paper of course) and that means we need to figure out what to do with the tissue boxes.

Tissue boxes are great for being a garbage can in the car. Just put the small bits of garbage you collect into that box. Take it home and sort it so that you recycle what you can.

If you got a bunch of good recipes, you can use the tissue box to hold recipes. Just cut off the top and recycle it, and make some index cards from paper you have around the house to fit into the box.

We love our little dog and he does have a couple toys. An old tissue box can be the perfect place to store the toys so they are kept in one single place.

We use recycled and reused paper for notes and such, well a reused tissue box makes a great place to store those little bits of paper so you can keep them in one place.