Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 308 of our Green Year: Using Cold

One great thing about being in Canada is that the winter is cold and the snow is plentiful. For one thing, it allows us to gather snow that we melt inside, as we did way back in our first week of Our Green Year (seems so long ago).
On top of that, the cold weather also allows us to give the freezer a break. Instead of filling our freezer with items, which can use a lot of energy if you have a lot of things in there that need to stay cold, we put them in a bin outside. There are no bears here and the dogs know not to go in it, so it is a perfect solution.

In addition to that, we are also able to make ice outside, which we can then bring inside. All we do is take some water, put it in a container outside and within a few hours we have ice.

This little bit of extra work gives the freezer a break, and helps our planet, even if it is a small amount. Remember, small amounts add up!