Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 312 of our Green Year: Tax Time

Well, today I shaved most of my head to see how it would look, and it doesn't look too bad. Of course, with the hair that came off, I tossed it outside so that this spring, the birds will have something extra with which they can make nests with. When I shave my head again in a few weeks, I will compost the hair this time as hair is a big source of nitrogen for compost and is good for the soil.

However, onto the blog for today. As we all know, it is tax time and people around North America are beginning their efforts to file their tax returns and hopefully get money back. Most still send their tax returns in, but if you want to be green, then nothing will beat an online tax return.

Online tax returns are allowed by the IRS and Revenue Canada, and they save a lot of paper. You do everything you need to online, you upload your return and it goes straight to Revenue Canada. In the days of identity theft, this is also a safe option versus sending it in the mail where it can be stolen.

So, Layla and I will be filing our taxes online this year to save paper, which is a big part of going green. Saving paper saves trees. Saving trees helps take CO2 out of the atmosphere and help our planet battle the climate change we have created.