Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 310 of our Green Year: Using The Outdoor Washroom

Today's blog is about something a bit different. Over the course of Our Green Year, we have done a number of things to go green in the bathroom. Following the toilet rule of "If it is brown, flush it down, if it is yellow, let it mellow" is one of them, as is conserving water in the washroom in a variety of ways.

Well, the next one is about going to the bathroom, but it is going to the bathroom outside. Now, this is only for 'number one' and not all the time (it gets to -40 here.....). However, by going outside to pee on occasion, there is less in the toilet and that means less flushes.

We are on a ranch, with no neighbors around, plus lots of trees so there are no chances of someone coming across me in the middle of my business.

Sure this is an odd one to do, and an unconventional green tip, but going green involves a lot of things, some of which we don't always think about.

So, for me at least, when I am outside I will use nature as my bathroom to help conserve water in the indoor washroom