Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 101 of our Green Year: Recycled Packaging

As we head headlong into Our Green Year, Layla and I are always looking for ways we can keep a green message in everything we do. Yesterday, we found the way to do this through recycled packaging. As we were picking up some natural dog food, we found a sweatshirt for small dogs that was not only made from recycled materials, but also had recycled packaging around it. This made for a great opportunity to help spread a green message while making our dog look good in the winter.

Now we have committed to reducing our possessions, so what we are doing is giving away all our dog's old coats and jackets (yes we spoiled him), but keeping this one. So that is five shirts and jackets given away, one added, which gives us an added possession total of negative four.

The thing with trying to find packaging that is recycled is that not only can you recycle the packaging when you are done with it, but you are not consuming much by getting recycled packaging. That way, by recycling and buying products in recycled packaging, you can keep in a wonderful cycle of environmentalism.

For that reason, Layla and I will be buying products that are put in recycled packaging, and this will primarily be food. Already, we only buy products that are in limited packaging because we do not want to contribute to the growing garbage problem of packaging waste, and we recycle nearly everything we get to be zero-impact, but now we can ensure we do not take too much away from the earth in our packaging.

Our motto is reuse then recycle, and now we can recycle, buy, reuse and recycle.