Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 97 of our Green Year: Spreading the Environmental Message

For the next few weeks, Layla and I are visiting family and one of the big points of doing this is to help spread our environmental message.
It is important that when someone goes green, they attempt to spread the green message to others, without being too annoying about it of course. Doing this helps to convince people that a green way of life is truly the best way of life. Of course, it is easier said than done and it does not always go over well with people, even your family.

While visiting my parents, I have already got them to begin using vinegar to wash their floors, and even told my grandmother that she should not let the water run while brushing her teeth.

It may seem annoying to do this to some, but it is important to spread the message of the environment and why we have to help it with those close to us. By convincing others to go green, we can help create a better world for everyone. A world where people will think about the effect what they do will have on the environment before they go about it.

Have you tried to convince someone else to go green as well?