Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 77 of our Green Year: Glass Milk

Layla and I have decided to go old school with our milk by eliminating plastic milk jugs, which we have already used to make pots for plants, by buying milk in glass containers. We had not seen these in awhile, abut after going to the grocery store recently, we found milk in glass containers that is actually made right in the Interior of British Columbia! It is from Dutchman Dairy out of Sicamous BC.

Plastic takes a lot of mining and a lot of work to make, while glass is much, much easier to craft and better for the environment. After you use the milk glass container, you can then use it for so many different uses. Plus they look great.

Now, these are more expensive, but as Layla and I have found out, going green and organic is not cheap. Our grocery bill has gone up, but so has our health. After going weeks of only organic local food, we are finding that we are feeling healthier and happier. Even after Our Green Year is over, we will not be going back on organic and local, it is just too good. Buying everything locally makes sense as well because of high costs for food these days. Everything is going up in price because everything needs to be transported, which takes gas. We have noticed that our eggs have doubled in price, it is amazing to think of how quickly things are changing.

Over the course of Our Green Year, almost three full months in, we have been watching the news and seeing the changes that are occurring. High costs abound, the stock market tumbles, and the world itself is changing. Is it changing for the better? Possibly. People are driving less, changing their habits and thereby changing the world. Time magazine actually had an excellent article about the ten good things about $4 gas. Located here

The world we knew of the past is changing. Gone are the days of cheap oil, traveling long distances and even discount airfare. It has been said that our average meal travels 1,500 km in total for all the ingredients before it gets to our plate. As Layla and I are finding out, there is no reason for that. You can get everything you need within your own area, province or state. We don't worry about our dogs getting sick by tainted grain because we buy local dog food, we don't worry about chemicals in fish because we don't buy fish from China. Our vegetables are organic without pesticides, we make our own butter, bread, yogurt and our pop.

It has crossed my mind whether or not what we are doing is changing the world, and based on the amount of people who visit our site on a daily basis, maybe it is. However, what I do know for sure is that Our Green Year is changing the lives of Layla and I, and it is doing it for the better.

So, here is to another 270+ days in the future!